The Geekly

The Universe Through the Lens of Science

First Edition Release Date: 28th October 2023

We have transitioned to a new publishing model. To the right, you can view issue 14 in progress. As we complete more and more articles, you can view them in the updating magazine issue. The issue will be completed towards the end of November.

Release Date: 1st May 2023

We apologize for the significant delay in the launch of Issue 13; this was due to academic pressures. This issue presents inquiries into the accelerating universe, the surprisingly obscure constituents of a proton, the formation of memories in the brain, and ecological dead zones. We also present an article written by Dr. Deepesh Nagarajan, an esteemed researcher in the field of protein design who has done work with Prof. David Baker, the world's leading expert on protein design.

Release Date: 1st November 2022

In Issue 12, we continue the series Astrobiotica, moving from the origins of life on Earth to what life might look on other planets. We explore the possibility for parallel universes with respect to the interpretations of quantum mechanics, and explore the reasons for the launching of the famed James Webb Telescopeβ€”what discoveries might it make in the future? The idea of entropy is, perhaps, one of the most misunderstood concepts in all of scienceβ€”in this issue, we explore it in depth, and its implications on other fields such as information theory and black hole radiation. Finally, this issue, we present the expert article by two reputed researchers in the field of quantum computingβ€”Dr. Jayakumar Vaithiyashankar and Dr. Sathyaprakash Palaniyappan!

Release Date: 1st June 2022

Why don't quantum effects apply to larger objects, like your basketball? Why do black holes such things in, and what happens when a black hole sucks in another black hole? What is geoengineering? We answer these questions, and more, in issue 11 of The Geekly. We're also introducing our first article seriesβ€”Astrobiotica, which explores the possibility of extraterrestrial life. This issue's edition of Astrobiotica, titled The Origins of Life on Earth, focuses on how life began on earth. We also have an article by esteemed theoretical physicist, Dr. Sabine Hossenfelder!