The Geekly

The Universe Through the Lens of Science

Release Date: 1st June 2022

Why don't quantum effects apply to larger objects, like your basketball? Why do black holes such things in, and what happens when a black hole sucks in another black hole? What is geoengineering? We answer these questions, and more, in issue 11 of The Geekly. We're also introducing our first article seriesβ€”Astrobiotica, which explores the possibility of extraterrestrial life. This issue's edition of Astrobiotica, titled The Origins of Life on Earth, focuses on how life began on earth. We also have an article by esteemed theoretical physicist, Dr. Sabine Hossenfelder!

Release Date: 1st February 2022

Issue 10 features radically redesigned elements, a step forward to making the magazine more modern and readable. This issue, as promised earlier, we called in a new expertβ€”Dr. Babul Dasβ€”to talk about eriophyid mites and what they are. We also introduced two new widgets that we're still developingβ€”the Q&A, which will have more questions in the next issue, and the News section, where we report on the latest and exciting scientific news. We hope you enjoy your reading journey, hopping from dark matter to quantum biology!

Release Date: 1st October, 2021

We're really sorry for the delay; issue 9 took a lot of work. But here it isβ€”the 9th issue of The Geekly. Unfortunately, we couldn't find an expert for this issue, so we reused one of our older expert articles. Next issue, we promise a new expert. Issue 9 comes with a revamped design that is more modern and suits our current brand better. Why is DNA a double helix? What are wormholes? How does an atom really look? Find out in this issue.